Comparison: Codebug vs. The BBC micro:bit

The BBC micro:bit was officially released on March 22, a few months later than planed. If you would like to learn more about the history of the micro:bit, Wired UK has an excellent article about it.

The micro:bit has a couple of sensors, whereas the CodeBug has none and the micro:bit has a wider variety of coding choices than the CodeBug. 

The micro:bit is not commercially available yet and probably will not be available for a few months. It will probably be more expensive than the CodeBug which currently retails at around $20.

Here is a side-by-side comparison -  

 Code Bug

BBC micro:bit

Architecture 8-bit PIC18F 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0
Performance 12 MIPS  13 MIPS
Microchip PIC18(L)F25K50
Nordic nRF51822
Flash 32K 256K
RAM 2K 16K
USB On-board PIC/Micro USB
NXP/Freescale KL26Z 48 MHz ARM Cortex-M0/Micro USB
Accelerometer None
NXP/Freescale MMA8652 3-Axis
Magnetometer None
NXP/Freescale MAG3110 3-Axis
Battery Integrated coin cell (CR2032) External connector
Ring Connectors 6 5
GPIO 4 6 to 17 (depending on configuration)
Expansion 6-pin I2C header 23-pin edge connector
Display 5 x 5 LED Array
5 x 5 LED Array
Input buttons 2 2
Reset button None Yes
Bluetooth None BLE/Bluetooth Smart antenna
  • Blockly
  • Python
  • Microsoft Block Editor (Blockly)
  • Microsoft Touch Develop
  • Code Kingdoms (JavaScript)
  • Python


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